The IP Zone Platform is an integrated, global electronic marketplace for buyers and sellers dedicated to making the licensing, buying and selling of IP more transparent and efficient. We serve as a trusted intermediary that can help IP owners identify disruptive capabilities, technology and IP and uncover innovation and growth opportunities.

The Virtual Intellectual Property Exchange (VIPEX)

The Virtual Intellectual Property Exchange (VIPEX) is a proprietary workflow tool that enables users to manage the entire monetization process end-to-end in a private, secure environment.

  • IP asset transactions management
  • Customizable interface for merchandising and marketing IP assets
  • Secure, flexible and scalable
  • Closed network with full control over access rights
  • Manages approval process and ensures efficiencies
  • Incorporates credentialed, third party service providers to better facilitate transactions

The Marketplace

The Marketplace details public profiles of buyers, sellers and IP assets and technologies in a user-friendly, searchable interface.

  • Seamless integration with third party IP marketplaces and databases, expanding the universe of available offerings and potential buyers
  • Delivers most relevant information through proprietary search tool
  • Fully integrated with VIPEX, allowing sellers to publish assets easily

The Guide

The Guide is a robust, online dashboard and search tool that provides information to users about recent transactions, credentialed buyers, sellers, service providers and other key participants.

  • Allows users to assess transaction progress and identify bottlenecks
  • Makes customized IP portfolio recommendations in areas of strategic interest
  • Enables discovery of best practices, suggests next steps and shares comparable transactions and external marketplace data
  • Catalogs service provider and buyer insights

The IP Zone is helping to create entirely new marketplaces across industries—and around the world.

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