We develop cutting-edge education for entrepreneurs, senior executives and IP managers and give you access to global IP industry thought leaders. The IP Zone advances best practices and publishes valuation and deal information.



  • a) Knowledge & business practice benchmarking
  • b) Problem solving & creative, innovative tasks or project involvement
  • c) Preparation of appropriate action strategies for corporate adoption


  • a) Business practice reports
  • b) Business practice innovations
  • c) IP readiness score cards
  • d) Resource base for an in-depth IP capabilities assessment


Day 1

Welcome & Introductions

  1. Develop a conceptual picture of the course
  2. Articulate the purpose of the Zone & its services
  3. Articulate specific expectations of the course

Zone Support

  1. Articulate the Zone's range of services
  2. Articulate Zone services to corporate capabilities

VIPEX Platform

  1. Articulate the principle features of the VIPEX platform
  2. Articulate the range of applications
  3. VIPEX provisions to support transactions
  4. Articulate use of patent scores and ratings

Technology Transfer

  1. Articulate the ways the university can help with Tech transfer
  2. Obtain guidelines & procedures on use of university resources
  3. Articulate key features & protocols of university engagement

Standard Agreements

  1. Articulate the structural support and protocols for IP transactions in the Zone
  2. Articulate the cost/benefit of using Zone forms
  3. Identify objections to standard agreements in group discussion

Day 2

Knowledge Center

  1. Articulate the purpose & benefit of data inputs & outputs
  2. Articulate the uses and distinctions of Exec & Org Dev
  3. Articulate security, confidentiality & anonymity provisions in data capture

Patent Quality & Analytics

  1. Articulate the basis for portfolio assessment @ "Level 1"
  2. Demonstrate understanding of Level 2 assessment of a dummy portfolio & a competitor
  3. Articulate the value & desired results of portfolio assessment
  4. Produce a cost/benefit chart for use of patent ratings
  5. Articulate use of patents scores and ratings

IP Transactions

  1. Articulate process to select patents for a transaction
  2. Articulate the key elements of patent valuation methodologies
  3. Identify key players in your company that care about the valuation process thru group discussion
  4. Define some of the measures of success in recent licensing transactions in your company in group discussion


  1. Reiterate & reinforce course highlights
  2. Course evaluation


  • Advanced Financial Strategies

  • Advanced Portfolio Strategies

  • C Level Leadership

  • IP Transactions & Valuation

  • Innovation and IP Creation


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